Fall equals great fishing with the mullet run!

Client with a nice snook

Client with a nice snook

20130918_114517 Welcome to another report for New Smyrna Beach and Daytona beach Florida fishing grounds . Start off with the fall season Mullet run . Large schools of bait will be cruising the rivers and beaches, predators will be following . Snook,Redfish,Yellowtail Jacks,bluefish, sharks, and Tarpon to mention a few will be feeding on these mullet runs. Any plug imitating the bait should draw a strike also throwing a big shrimp in the mix should also do the trick. Its very important to try and stay a little off the school and cast in front of the school for better results .

This time of year cold fronts will be pushing through the state as these fronts approach it starts fluctuating the barometric temps which causes fish to feed . Keep a close eye on these times it can make a huge difference in your fishing experience . Once a fronts goes thru it time to put up the poles for a few days that bite will quickly stop .

When it comes to offshore fishing this time of year you need to pay close attention how fast these fronts move they can bring strong winds and very dangerous conditions. I never venture too far out if a front is approaching the state conditions can sometimes get dangerous, when things seem so perfect things can change very quickly. Offshore this time of year can be very productive as well.

Mango snapper, grouper, amberjack, seabass, yellowtail snapper and flounder can be a great bite offshore. T ry mullet,shrimp,greenies, and cut bait will work. Book a trip and you will have a awesome time on these predators this time of year. Thanks for reading. I will seeya on the water Captain Brad.

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Fishing Report for May

May is the start of grouper season, finding them this time of year is the real task. Lots of changes are under way, water temps are rising above 70 degrees this means for the area of Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, the bait will start showing up along our beaches.

Its a great time to cruise the beaches for big bait pods ,wherever you find lots of bait you are sure to find some fish around . Big tarpon , cobia ,sharks, bonita,and yellow tail jacks will cruise the massive schools of bait. The grouper will be on the reefs around 90 feet to 150 feet they prefer pinfish, but big mullet, manhadden, pilchards, or pogies can get them to bite. Big mango snapper will be feeding coming the full moon this month they feed best at night but some good chumming and a little trickery in day light can be good as well .

Thanks for reading capt. Brad NSB Charters

Chris with Grouper

Chris with Grouper

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Daytona Beach has everything to be tourists’ site

Daytona Beach FishingDaytona Beach is situated in Daytona in Volusia in the state of Florida. It is among the most attractive tourist sites in the country. Fishing and Beach race are the seasonal sports that are held at the site. Enjoyable weather and spring parties compliment tourists who already become enchanted by the effervescent and hospitable customs of the site.

Originally, Daytona is the land of Timucuan Indians who faced grievous hardships due to Spanish barbarism. Fishing was the livelihood of Timucuan Indians, who were dependent upon their allied actions. The European invasion continued until 18th century when almost the entire site was a European colony. The victory of the US over Spain in early 19th century gave the land back into the control of Americans. No sooner than civil war ceased, the site became tourist attraction.

The growing number of tourists caught the attention of wealthy North Americans, whose investment initiated the phase of progress for Daytona Beach. Certain setups and establishments were bought by certain people and thus began the transformation. Present Daytona Beach City includes the town of Seabreeze too. Centralised administration is the force behind the maintenance of the site.

Fishing and Beach race are characteristic sports of the site and are seasonally organised as well. Besides, beach hotels, local people, natural attributes also contribute towards making this site perfect for holidays. It is among the favourites of movie directors and authors too.

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Sea Sickness Tips

Sea Sickness while fising in Daytona BeachWelcome to Daytona Beach Florida were fishing is a great tourist and local attraction. Sea sickness is a concern for anyone who goes out on the beautiful water in Daytona Beach Florida.

Sea sickness is the body’s unpleasant reaction to movement that are real unknown why. Studies have focused on the delicate balance system of the inner ear. The inner ear is where your sense of balance is located and can get out of sync with your visual input. When the signals received by the eyes don’t match with those transmitted by the  inner ear our sense of balance is thrown off ,and can send a signal to part of the brain that is known as the vomiting center. This area of the brain produces symptoms of sea sickness.

Why there are many don’t and dos when out in the ocean or river waters to prevent sea sickness.  Here are a few tips when fishing in Daytona Beach Florida.

  • Don’t read
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t over eat
  • Don’t sit in the rear of the boat
  • Don’t sit backwards
  • Don’t obsess about getting sick
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol if possible

The do’s:

  • Breath deeply through your mouth
  • Look at a stationary point,look at the horizon
  • Drink a caffienne beverage  preferably ginger ale
  • Carry ginger logins they are traditional remedy for nausea
  • Eat dry crackers or bread,eat light meals
  • Close your eyes to avoid looking at fast moving scenery or waves
  • Take antiemetic medication as directed
  • Wear accupressure bracelets

There are many don’ts and do’s  besides these examples.

When fishing in Daytona Beach Florida sea sickness is a awful feeling to go through it is usually temporary and not life threatening. Dramiamine and Bonie which are classified as antihistamines should help you to deal with the sea sikness. These few medications are available over the counter in stores. Classified as antihistamines have the side effect of drowsiness however Dramamine and Binine are marketed as non drowsy formulas.

Ther are many more over the counter  and doctor prescribed  medications available to make you fishing trip a true pleasant memory. There are natural remedies also available. When in Daytona Beach Florida please don’t hold back on a beautiful and great fishing experience because of the fear of sea sickness. Enjoy your stay in Daytona Beach Florida, also known as the Worlds Most Famous Beach.

Fishing Daytona Beach Florida

Foshing in Daytona Beach Fishing

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The Best Season of Daytona Beach Fishing is Ahead

clients on redfish

clients on redfish

I hope this is going to be one of my best fishing season, the Daytona Beach fishing has been on fire both inshore and offshore . I have to say there is no better place to live than here in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna beach. I want all my clients to have a trip of a lifetime,I give 110 percent out there everyday to insure my clients always want to come back. Even though there are days when we are on fish and the fish wont bite my clients know I’ve tried every angle to try to make them bite . When you charter me you will see the highest degree in skills I’ve developed over my life to catch your fish of a lifetime.

My favorite Daytona Beach fishing is in the backwater chasing reds and trout during the winter months. December through April are the best months for catching big redfish and trout in the world famous mosquito lagoon . These waters require good local knowledge navigating the puzzled areas of mosquito lagoon there are miles upon miles of mazed waters and every area to the untrained eye it all looks the same hiring a professional guide is key to finding these awesome fish . The types of baits used to catch is also very important as well as presentation . One of my favorite baits are gulp baits by Berkley these scented baits work really well. Of course live bait is a good choice as well, mullet and large shrimp are the primary food source for these fish . I sometimes use cutbait which is dead mullet . The fish in these waters are very spooky being quite and still as possible is key to catching fish.

If you love wildlife, mosquito lagoon is teaming full of wildlife this place is a nature lovers dream . I hope you enjoyed this months blog and hope to see you on the water tight lines everyone capt. Brad



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Backwater fishing in Mosquito Lagoon by NSB Charters

Backwater Fishing Special
$270 (4 hrs); $345 (6 hrs); $435 (full day)

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Fall Action!!!

clients with another redfish

So far this fall is kicking off to a great start, the mullet run is now in full swing here in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna beach . The time change is coming soon with the days getting shorter its still dark at 7am when Im starting my charters. This is actually a good thing lately since I will start off fishing docklights  for the first few hours with my clients . I pitch small mullet or medium shrimp up and around the pilings , nice trout and snook like to frequent these spots at night and early am as well as an occasional redfish. Also lately there have also been some keeper mango snapper and some sheephead starting to move in .  The sheephead like feedler crabs and any small crusteacin around the pilings , I use smaller hooks on these fish about 1 to 2 ounce is good. After a few hours of dock fishing Ive been going up the creeks around mangroves, dropoffs,and oyster beds . I try and look for any thing working the surface to key in were the feed might be . Big schools of yellow tail jacks have been chasing schools of mullet up the rivers and creeks they are a awesome fight on light tackle . Reds and blues also are chasing these schools . Tarpon are not as plentyful as years past so the chances of landing one are not as good as years past hopefully next year they will come back. The weather has been perfect for inshore fishing, there hasnt been alot of days to venture offshore lately due to hurricanes bringing windy conditions . When we can venture out the bite has been crazy the reefs are loaded with fish right now problem is getting the bait to the right fish to keep before something else chomps it. Book your trip soon youll be glad you did fishing is off the hook tight lines capt. Brad

Another client on Redfish

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Fall time is awesome fishing!

New Smyrna Beach fishing

Client with another nice snook

Here in New Smyrna beach and Daytona Beach inshore and offshore fishing really heats up. The fall mullet run is in full swing that gets all preditors chasing these baits, big jacks,redfish,trout,flounder ,snook,and tarpon will be on the chase. Look for big bait explosions and  mullet getting chased up the coast and down the rivers from daytona to oakhill. Catch some of these baits with a castnet and cast them right back in the school of baits getting worked . There can be any type of preditor under the bait pods so be prepared for some exciting action . Offshore the reefs are heating up with lots of snapper moving in to the closer reefs and wrecks as well as flounder. They are hitting menhadden and small mullets best if one spot isnt producing within a hour move to another the fish will stack together sometimes more on certain spots due to whats there for the feed. Whatever you like inshore or offshore this time of year is some of the best fishing ,so give me a call or email me and I will put you on them, thanks for reading ,tight lines, capt. Brad


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Quality Time!!!

New Smyrna Beach fishing

This family spending some quality time!

I’m writing something that we all take for granted , Time. Our lives consumed with school, work, gym,bills,retirement,the list goes on . It seems the older we get time goes faster with less time ,just not enough time in the day so much needs to be done .

Our world consumed with technology, the need for cell phones with faster services to make our world supposedly easier with text,email,credit card options, everything all made easier in this small device that’s attached to our lives our children’s lives.

Its the future we desire better and more of but in reality it stresses us all . Everyone consumed with this technology, is this where we are headed ,our future . Adults and kids wake to grabbing there cells I believe the worst is facebook, now twitter and the lists keeps comin to make you consumed .

Maybe this, you say doesn’t matter and I’m just babbling your entitled to your opinion but ask yourself another year has passed and more keep passing quicker as we age, have we truly stepped back and said yea I shut off this device and worries to make what should be most important. quality time. All worries will always be there ,but life is uncertain how you live it what matters most .

Thanks for reading tight lines everyone capt. Brad

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Summertime Action!!!!

Daytona Beach Deep Sea Fishing

Redfish in the pass made these clients very happy

Daytona Beach Deep Sea Fishing

Cobia are here !!

This summer has been a busy one , great redfishing at Ponce Inlet and around the bridges of New Smyrna Beach also nearby docks .

It just went off during march, april,may,and june for the redfish and now has slowed down for the month of july . This is no problem because other fishing is so good right now ,mango snapper on the reefs are on spawn and stacked tight when located you can really score some nice sized fish up to 15 pounds . Other fish like huge cobia are showing up this month due to the cold water updwelling, what a great surprise for July because these fish are usually long gone by summer.

Also for Shark lovers the action has been red hot, some days behind shrimp boats the sharks are stacked feeding on by catch other days they stack on the reefs near shore some sharks 6ft or better plenty of muscle for any angler.

Bonita also are thick along the beaches and offshore reefs on certain days these fish are shaped like a football run really fast and are great action for any angler,not much for table fare though.

So if you are here in Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach and are looking for great fishing action give me a shout you will be glad you did.

Thanks for reading tight lines Capt. Brad

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